ESL Placement

The decision making of what level to place students into doesn't need to be a complex issue. There are different ways of doing this depending on how much time you have to complete the placement. If the course was short, you would want to do the assessment quickly but for a longer course you might take more time. The placement will also depend on the ability level of other students.

The four macro skills are: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will normally be better at some of these skills than they are at the other skills. It is my opinion that adults will learn new language skills while children will acquire them. That is, adults think about it while children just do it! Therefore, I tend to check out adults' ability levels by a set of short questions, whereas, I merely observe children using a table for each of the macro skills and then determine their ability level.

The ability levels are:

Beginner (Band Level 1&2)

Elementary (Post Beginner) (Band Level 3&4)

Intermediate (Band Level 5&6)

Advanced (Band Level 7)

5 to 8 Year Old Placement Tables

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

9 to 12 Year Old Placement  Tables

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening