Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia

                       Suwong, South Korea

About ESL Lessons 4u

Our vision is to conduct live online English (ESL) lessons using Skype and other interactive software. Students of all ages are welcome, however, young students could require help the first time. Students of all ages and English ability will benefit from virtual online lessons. The teacher and students will be able to see and hear each other from the convenience of their own home. This will save the students time and money since they will not need to travel to and from an English school. Each class will usually consist of one teacher and one student, but the student may have a friend or colleague join the class. Students from any country are welcome to join our ESL online school. Since the world is divided into many time zones, the students will nominate the time they wish to have their lessons.

I am a teacher in Queensland, Australia and travel from school to school, but only get a few hours each week with each of my students. So I’ve decided to create a huge database of lessons from which they can draw from to supplement their lessons. This will take some time and be a continuing process.

I realize that there are large numbers of ESL teachers and advanced students out there in non English speaking countries who do not have access to resources. Hopefully, you will have access to the internet and a printer.

The lessons have been gathered from many sources and I value and appreciate the efforts of the people who created them. I will give credit to the creator of all work. 

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