Teddy Bears Glossary

acquire verb
to get something, for example by buying it or being
given it
[be] based on [something] phrasal verb
to use something as a model for a film, piece of
writing, or work of art
He bases his designs on Roman mosaics.
cartoon noun [count]
a humorous drawing in a magazine or newspaper,
often with words written below
cartoonist noun [count]
someone who draws cartoons, especially as their
companion noun [count]
a friend or pet that you spend a lot of time with
The dog soon became my constant companion.
drawing noun [count]
a picture that someone has drawn
The children did drawings of themselves
hunt verb
to kill animals for food or for their skin or other
parts, or for sport
We hunted for rabbits in the hills.
invent to design or create something such as a machine or
process that did not exist before
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.
invention noun [count/uncount]
the act of inventing something
Global communication was transformed by the
invention of the Internet.
nephew noun [count]
a son of your brother or sister, or a son of your
husband’s or wife’s brother or sister.
nickname noun [count]
an informal name that your friends or family call
you that is not your real name
no doubt phrase
used for emphasizing that something seems certain
or very likely
No doubt she’ll tell me everything when she’s

proper adjective
considered to be real or serious
When are you going to get a proper job?
refuse verb
to say you will not do something that someone has
asked you to do
Mum asked him to apologize, but he refused.
rounded adjective
having a curved shape or surface
a rounded teaspoonful of salt
run verb
to control and organize something such as a
business, organization, or event
Sue’s been running a mail-order business for ten
shoot verb
to hit someone or something with a bullet from a
snout noun
the long nose of a pig or a similar animal
souvenir noun [count]
something that you buy during a holiday or at a
special event to remind you later of being there
She kept the tickets as a souvenir of the evening.
St Valentine’s Day noun [count/uncount]
14 February, the day on which people give cards
and small presents to the person who they love
stick verb
if a new name for someone or something sticks, it
becomes accepted and used by everyone
He’d been called ‘Tufty’ at school, and the name
had stuck.
stuffed adjective
a stuffed toy or cushion has been filled with a soft
tie verb
to fasten something in a particular place using
something such as rope
Her hands were tied behind her back.