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1A At the shops
Conversation 1
Customer: Excuse me, I’d like to try on these trousers.
Assistant: Fine. The fitting room's just over there.
Customer: Thank you very much.
Conversation 2
Customer: Good morning.
Assistant:  Good morning. Can I help you?
Customer: Yes. I'd like to return this dress. I bought it here yesterday and it's coming apart just here.
Assistant: Ooh, yes, I see. Have you got the docket?
Customer: Yes. But I don't want to exchange it. I think I'd like my money back.
Assistant: Okay. I'll just do a refund for you.
Conversation 3
Assistant: Hi, how are you today?
Customer: Pretty good thanks, and you?
Assistant: Oh, can't complain. What would you like today?
Customer: I'll have half a kilo of green prawns thanks.
Assistant:  Mm, half a kilo of green prawns. It's a bit over.
Customer: That’ll be fine. And a snapper thanks. Have you got anything larger? They look a bit small.
Assistant: Mm huh. What about this one?
Customer:  Mm, that looks fine.
Assistant: Shall I clean it for you?
Customer:  Yes, thanks.
Assistant:   I'll just be a minute.
Conversation 4
Assistant: Good morning.
Customer: Morning. I'll just take these glasses thanks.
Assistant: Certainly. Will that be cash?
Customer: Could I use EFTPOS?
Assistant: Certainly.
Assistant: Cheque or savings?
Customer: Savings.
Assistant:  Just enter your PIN and press okay.
Customer: Thank you.
Assistant: Okay. Thank you.
Conversation 5
Assistant: That's eighty- seven fifty. Is that cash?  $87.50
Customer: EFTPOS thanks. And can I have some cash out with that?
Assistant: Sure. How much would you like
Customer: Is two hundred okay?
Assistant: Two hundred's fine. Just choose the account and enter your PIN and press okay.
Customer: Okay.
Assistant: One, two hundred. Thank you. Have a good day.
Customer: Thanks.
1B A radio advertisement
Announcer: It's a birthday celebration like no other. Jason's Supermarket is seventy-five years old and in every store there are seventy-fifth anniversary specials. Strawberries, one dollar seventy-five a punnet. Prime-quality T-bone steak, eight dollars seventy-five a kilo. And chicken breast fillets, eight dollars seventy-five a kilo, save a massive two dollars seventy-four. Jason’s serving the shoppers of Australia for seventy-five years.
1C Buying a washing machine
Assistant: Good morning, Sir. How can I help you.
Customer: Hi, I'm looking for a washing machine.
Assistant: Do you know what size you want?
Customer: Um, probably medium. We don't have a lot of room in the laundry.
Assistant:  Mmm, what about a five or five point five kilo? We've got them over here if you'd like to have a look.
Customer: Sure.
Assistant: We've got Simpson, Whirlpool and Fisher and Paykel. These machines have been discounted.
Customer:  I'm interested in a Fisher and Paykel.
Assistant: OK. There are two Fisher and Paykel models. There's this basic five kilo model, and this five point five which has more cycles - delicates, permanent press, regular and heavy duty.
Customer: Mm, and how long is the warranty?
Assistant: Two years.
Customer:  I think I'm interested in the five point five. Now is that the best price you can give me? I've seen the same machine forty dollars cheaper at another store.
Assistant:  Oh. Well, what are they charging for delivery?
Customer: Thirty dollars.
Assistant:  Well, I can match their price and give you free delivery.
Customer: Okay. When could you deliver it?
Assistant: Tomorrow.
Customer:  Great. Can I pay by credit card?
Assistant:  Sure.
Customer:  Okay. I'll take it.
1D Ringing about a second-hand car
Allen: Hello, Allen speaking.
Gary: Hi, I'm um calling about the Mitsubishi Magna you've got advertised in the Trading Post.
Allen: Yeah.
Gary: Well I was just wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.
Allen: Yeah. Not a problem.
Gary: Does it have air-conditioning?
Allen: Yes, it does. It's got air conditioning, power steering, central locking.
Gary: Uh huh. And how much registration does it have?
Allen: The registration actually runs out in March. Just two months.
Gary: And how much is on the clock?
Allen: It's done about seventy three thousand.
Gary: Uh huh. Mm, it it says charcoal. Does that mean black?
Allen: Yeah, it does. It's a metallic black.
Gary: And is the body in good condition?
Allen: Oh yeah it's pretty good.
Gary: No rust?
Allen: None at all.
Gary:  So, do you have logbooks for it?
Allen:  Yes. It's been serviced regularly.
Gary: Right. Mmm. And would you consider less than twelve and a halp
Allen: Oh, I'm open to offers.
Gary: Okay. Mm. So, could I come round and have a look at it tonight?
Allen: Yeah, sure. About what time?
Gary: Oh, after six.
Allen: Okay. Yeah. Fine.
Gary: Great. Where are you?
Allen: It's eleven Hargreave Street, Brighton.
Gary: Eleven ... Hargreave ... Street, Brighton.
Allen:  Yep. And your name?
Gary: Gary.
Allen: Okay Gary. See you then.
Gary: See you then. Bye.
2A Finding out about term deposits
Assistant: Good afternoon Sir. How can I help you?
Customer: Hello. I was wondering if you could give me some information about long term investments.
Assistant: What kind were you thinking or
Customer: Well, I'm not sure. I had a look for a brochure, but I couldn't find anything. Could you help me?
Assistant: Certainly. Here's a brochure showing our current interest rates.
Customer: And what about conditions? I was wondering about early withdrawal, that sort of thing.
Assistant:  Well, there is a fee for early withdrawal. It's thirty dollars at the moment. And the interest rate is   also adjusted.
Customer: Is that information in the brochures
Assistant: It is. But we also have other investment accounts.
Customer:  Do you have any info on them?
Assistant:  Yes, I can get you some brochures. Probably the best idea is to make an appointment with one of   our finance officers.
Customer: Okay, but I'll take the brochures home first and have a look at them.
Assistant: Certainly. I'll just get them for you.
Customer: Thanks.
2B Getting help at the bank
Assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: Oh hi, I just want to deposit this cheque and some cash, but I wasn't sure how to fill out the slip, so I’ve only done half of it.
Assistant: Okay. Let's see. How much cash did you want to deposit?
Customer: Five hundred dollars.
Assistant:  And this cheque is for two hundred and thirty seven.
Customer: Yep.
Assistant: Okay, the drawer of the cheque goes here and the bank and branch here.
Customer: Mmmm, that's the part I didn't understand.
Assistant: The drawer of the cheque is the person or company who gave you the cheque.
Customer:  Ah.
Assistant:  In this case it's Smith's Fine Foods
Customer: Mm.
Assistant: Now, that goes here.
Customer: Mm.
Assistant: And the bank which issued the cheque goes here with the branch name there.
Customer: Right.
Assistant: Now, just add it up and put the total here.
Customer: Oh, thanks for that. I should be right next time.
Assistant:  Not a problem. I'll put it through for you.
Customer: Thanks.
2C Registering for phone banking
Operator: Good morning, welcome to Aussie Bank phone banking. This is Betty. How can I help you?
Caller: Yes I've got a savings account and I'd like to register for phone banking.
Operator: Okay. What's your card number?
Caller: Nine one two three.
Operator: Nine one two three.
Caller: Double six double zero.
Operator: Double six double zero.
Caller: Four one two eight.
Operator: Right. Okay I just need to get some information from you. Does anyone else have access to this account?
Caller: No.
Operator: Okay. Can I get your?
Caller: Alex Chan.
Operator: And your address, please.
Caller: Fifty-nine Railway Parade, Brunswick.
Operator: Uh huh. Your date of birth?
Caller: The seventh of the twelfth, fifty one.
Operator: And the password on the account?
Caller: Uh, it's Sandy.
Operator: Okay. Now so every time you go through phone banking, you'll use your card number. And you also have to use a password or PIN number.
Caller: Can I use the password I just gave you?
Operator: Oh yeah, you can use the same one if you like.
Caller: Yeah, I,U take that again. Sandy
Operator:Okay then, so that's S. A. N. D. Y.
Caller: Yeah.
Operator: Okay. Right. That's all done.
Caller: Okay. Thanks for your help.
2D A Problem with the ATM
Teller: Next.
Customer: Um, I’ve lost my ATM card. The machine ate it.
Teller: What? The machine outside?
Customer: Yeah.
Teller: Okay, what was the problem?
Customer: Well, I wasn't sure about my number.
Teller: Okay.
Customer: And, I did what I thought was my number.
Teller: How many times?
Customer: Oh, I did it three times.
Teller: Well the machine keeps your card if you get the PIN number wrong three times.
Customer: Oh.
Teller: Was that an Aussie Bank card?
Customer: Yeah.
Teller: And do you have two forms of ID with you?
Customer: Um, I've got, oh hang on, I've got my license.
Teller: Uh huh.
Customer: And I've got my credit card. Is that alright?
Teller: Yes. That's an Australian Bank credit card, is it?
Customer: Yeah.
Teller: Okay that'll be fine. If I could just have a look at those?
Customer: Sure.
Teller: Right. I'll just have to go and get my supervisor. She'll open up the machine, and we'll ...
Customer: So, I can get it back now, can I?
Teller: Yes.
Customer: Oh, thank you. Oh I’ve got a problem remembering that PIN number.                                                 Do you think I could change It?
Teller: Sure. Look, we'll just get the card, then we'll fix that up for you.
Customer: Oh, okay. Thanks.
3A Inquiring about driving lessons
Receptionist: Hello, Quality Driving School. Can I help you?
Caller: Hello. I wanted to inquire about driving lessons.
Receptionist: Sure, which suburb do you live in?
Caller: I live in Kings Park.
Receptionist: Is that for an automatic or manual?
Caller: A manual.
Receptionist: Manual. That's thirty two dollars an hour. That's a special we're running at the moment which    includes the pick-up from your home and also drop-off at the end of the lesson.
Caller: Alright, and do you have any discounts, if I paid for five lessons at once.
Receptionist: Yes, if you take five lessons the first lesson is twenty dollars. So that's $20 for the first lesson and then thirty-two for each of the other four. That'd be a hundred and forty-eight dollars in total for five lessons.
Caller: What was that again, one hundred and ... ?
Receptionist: Forty-eight.
Caller: Forty-eight, and could I start next week?
Receptionist: Yes you can. Tuesday?
Caller: Mmm. Look I'll have to think about that and call you back.
Receptionist: Not a problem.
Caller: Thank you very much.
Receptionist: Thank you, bye bye.
3B Phoning for road service
Voice:  Welcome to NRNIA Roadside Assistance. At present all our consultants are answering calls. Please hold the line and your call will be answered by our first available consultant. To assist please have your registration number, make and colour of the vehicle and location details ready. Thank you. Please hold the line. [click, ringing phone]
Operator: Welcome to NRMA Roadside Assistance. This is Ruth speaking. How may I help you?
Sam: Hi, I've got a flat battery.
Operator: Okay. What's the number plate of the car?
Sam: SB 895
Operator: In the name of
Sam: Bortoli.
Operator: Is that a Toyota Corolla?
Sam: That's right.
Operator: What suburb are you in Mr. Bortoi?
Sam: Rozelle.
Operator: And the street?
Sam: Merton Street. M.E.R.T.O.N.
Operator: Would you know the nearest comer street at all?
Sam: Yeah. It's Wellington Street.
Operator: And where are you now?
Sam: Outside, er, oh some school grounds, Rozelle School.
Operator: Rozelle School. Are you on a mobile?
Sam: No, and if I go back to the car I’m a long way from the phone.
Operator: All right. Not a problem. Well get someone there as soon as we can. Should be any time within the hour.
Sam: Thanks very much.
Operator: Thank you.
Sam: Bye.
Operator: Bye.
3C At the mechanics
Terry: Hi, how are you?
Frank: Hi, not bad.
Terry: Look I've got my Camry booked in for a registration check. Terry Simmonds.
Frank: Okay. Registration check and full service, wasn't it?
Terry: Yep. And could you have a look at the air-conditioning. It's not working at all.
Frank: Sure.
Terry:  And could you let me know how much it'll cost before doing anything. I don't want to spend a lot of   money on it.
Frank: No problem. And your phone number's nine, triple five, four three, double zero?
Terry: That's right. Now do you reckon you'll be able to get all that done today
Frank: Sure, unless there's a major problem.
Terry: Okay, I’ll talk to you later.
Frank: See ya.
3D Phone call from the mechanic
Terry: Hello, Terry Simmonds speaking.
Frank: Terry, it's Frank from Frank’s Automotives.
Terry: Hi Frank. How's my car?
Frank: Well,  I’ve got to talk to you about a few things.
Terry: Yeah.
Frank: The rear brakes are worn very low. They need doing straight away.
Terry: Uh huh.
Frank: The air-conditioning has just blown a fuse. That's pretty simple. We can fix that quite cheaply. And your front tyres need replacing.
Terry: So, how much is all that going to cost?
Frank: Well, it's gunna be three eighty for the service and brakes.
Terry: Uh huh.
Frank: We can fix the air-conditioning for about thirty bucks.
Terry: Good.
Frank: And I can give you the tyres for seventy-five bucks each, including wheel balance.
Terry: Uh huh.
Frank: So that's it. Oh, and twenty-three for the rego check, so roughly five hundred and eighty-three   dollar all up.
Terry: Well, I guess it all needs doing.
Frank:  I'm afraid so.
Terry: Can you finish that today?
Frank: Is it a problem, if I can't?
Terry: Well, I'd prefer it today, but if you can't, I could pick it up tomorrow.
Frank:  Okay, IM try to do it today and IU give you a ring later.
Terry: Okay. Well, I’ll talk to you later.
Frank: Bye.
3E Car or public transport?
Jo: Hey, why don't we take the bus tonight instead of taking the car? It takes forever to find a park.
Tim: Oh, it's not that bad.
Jo: Then after the restaurant we can go for a walk, have a look around in town, then get the bus home.
Tim: Yeah. Well, we can go for a walk and then drive the car home.
Jo: Oh, where are we going to leave the car?
Tim: Well if we don't find a place on the street we'll use one of the parking stations.
Jo: On a Saturday night they're all full. Oh, what about getting a taxi home?
Tim:  Have you tried catching a taxi in town lately?
Jo: The problem is you're just so used to traveling by car you hate to use public transport.
Tim: Yeah. Well, I just don't enjoy it. It's usually uncomfortable and you have to put up with everybody else. And you're lucky if it comes on time. You're lucky if it comes at all.
Jo: You won't be able to have many drinks.
Tim: You can drive!
Jo: Oh, then I won't be able to have any drinks.
Tim: Oh look, you know I won't have too much. I’ll have two or three drinks, at most, all night.
 Jo: Are you sure about that?
Tim: Yeah.
Jo: I don't want to drive home.
Tim: Oh. Okay, you don't have to drive. I’ll have three drinks maximum. Is that okay?
Jo: Okay. Okay.
My House
4A Phoning the council about waste services
James: Good morning, Fox Valley Council. James speaking.
Kim:  Hello. I wanted to get some information about recycling and waste services in the area. I was just wondering if you had a brochure or something.
James: I'll put you through now.
Kim: Thank you.
James: The line's busy. Would you like to wait on?
Kim: Sure.
James: Thank you. (short pause) The line's free. I’ll put you through now.
Kim:  Thank you.
Carol: Customer Services. Carol speaking.
Kim:  Oh hi. I wanted some information on the garbage and recycling services. I was wondering if you had a   brochure or something you could send me.
Carol:  Okay, I'll have one sent to you.
Kim:  Thank you.
Carol:  Can I have your address, please?
Kim:  Nineteen.
Carol:  Uh huh.
Kim:  White Street, Fox Valley. Three one seven four.
Carol:  The name?
Kim:  Kim Lee.
Carol:  Okay. I'll put it in the post for you.
Kim:  Thanks very much for that.
Carol:  Okay, bye.
Kim:  Bye.
4B Phoning for a garbage pick-up
Denes: Hello, Environmental Services, Fox Valley Council. Denes spealdng. Can I help you?
Kim:  Hi, I'm just phoning to arrange a garbage pick-up.
Denes:  Mm huh. What kind of waste is it?
Kim: Household waste. Uh ,I’ve got some timber, some electrical wiring, an old mattress and a broken stereo.
Denes: Okay. That's fine. As long as it's no more than two cubic metres. That’s a small trailer load.
Kim: No, it's not that much.
Denes: Okay. And where did you want to leave it?
Kim:  Just in the driveway.
Denes: Well just make sure it's inside the fence, not on the footpath.
Kim:  Sure.
Denes: And what was your address?
Kim: Nineteen White Street, Fox Valley.
Denes: Mm huh, nineteen?
Kim: Yeah, one nine.
Denes: Mm huh, White Street, Fox Valley.
Kim:  Yep.
Denes: Okay. We'll pick that up on Tuesday, the eighth. Not this Tuesday, but the one after.
Kim:  Tuesday the eighth. Okay.
Denes: And make sure you put it out the night before.
Kim: Okay. Thanks.
Denes: Thank you. Bye.
Kim:  Bye.
4C Phoning for a repairman
Repairman: Manfred Services, can I help you?
Terri: Hi, I was wondering if you could come and have a look at my washing machine?
Repairman: Yeah, we can do that. What kind of machine is it?
Terri:  It's a Hoover.
Repairman:  Mm okay.
Terri: The problem is it won't spin dry.
Repairman: Oh right. What area do you live in?
Terri:  Ah, Subiaco.
Repairman: Yeah. I could do it on Thursday. Is somebody home during the day?
Terri: Yeah, my husband should be here.
Repairman: So Thursday would suit you?
Terri: You can't make it tomorrow?
Repairman: Ooh, I can't promise anything love., I've got a couple of things booked already. If I can, it'd be after 4.
Terri: That'd be okay.
Repairman: Now I need some details. What's your name?
Terri: My name's Terri Kennedy.
Repairman: Yeah.
Terri: And the address is a hundred and five.
Repairman: Yeah.
Terri: Herbert Street.
Repairman: Oh yeah.
Terri:  Subiaco.
Repairman: Subiaco. All right, and what's the phone number?
Terri: Nine three four nine, two one eight two.
Repairman: Two one eight two. And it's not spinning you say.
Terri: Yeah.
Repairman: Does the water drain out?
Terri: Oh yeah, it drains, but the tub doesn't spin around.
Repairman: Well, III come out and have a look at it, and you can decide what you want to do.
Terri: Yeah, that'd be good.
Repairman: Okay, not a problem.
Terri: Thanks very much.
Repairman: You're welcome.
5A Inquiring about swimming lessons
Receptionist: Good afternoon. Aquatic Centre. Shane speaking. Can I help you?
Isabel: Hi. I just wanted to find out about swimming lessons for my five year-old daughter during the school holidays.
Receptionist:  During the holidays? Yes, we have an intensive course which runs for a one week block.
Isabel: Right. And that's in the mornings?
Receptionist:  Well we're not sure at the moment, we haven't done the timetable yet.
Isabel: Oh, so can you tell me how much they cost?
Receptionist:  Sorry?
Isabel: Can you tell me how much they cost?
Receptionist:  Oh yeah. Sorry. It's forty dollars for the week.
Isabel: For five days?
Receptionist:  Yeah five days.
Isabel:  Ahh. And how long are the lessons?
Receptionist:  They're half an hour each.
Isabel: And if we wanted we could come for two weeks, could we?
Receptionist:  Sure. You can book in for two or three of the weeks.
Isabel: Oh, okay. And with a five year old, is the parent in the pool with the child?
Receptionist:  No.
Isabel: Mmm. Do you know when you’ll have your time table ready?
Receptionist:  Yeah. The timetable will be ready on the sixth. Well be taking bookings from the thirteenth.
Isabel: So do the classes start in December?
Receptionist:  No, they start, um, the fifth of January.
Isabel: Oh I see. Okay. Thanks very much for your help.
Receptionist: No worries.
Isabel: Look, I'll ah I’ll get back to you on the 13th.
Receptionist: Thank you. Bye.
5B Taking baby for a vaccination
Doctor: Good morning. And, what can we do for you today?
Father: Ah hi, I've just brought the baby along for his 6-month vaccinations.
Doctor: Oh great. And, you've got his blue book there?
Father:  Yes.
Doctor:  And he's been well since I last saw him?
Father:  Yes, fine.
Doctor: Oh, he looks well. And he's sleeping well?
Father: Yes, he's been sleeping through the night, well most nights.
Doctor: Yeah, wonderful. Okay. Ah at six months we've got three things to give him.
Father: Mm.
Doctor: There's two injections and the oral Sabin polio vaccine.
Father: Uh huh.
Doctor: Uh your wife's well?
Father: Oh yeah yeah, she's very well. Ah but she doesn't like bringing the baby in for injections.
Doctor:  [LAUGHTER] Okay, well let's start with the oral vaccine.
Father:  Okay.
Doctor:  Here you go little one, drink up. Oh good boy.
Father: Yeah that's the way.
Doctor: Yeah. Okay, now can you just turn him on his side?
Father.  Okay.
Doctor:  And hold his leg.
Father:  Over we go bubba. Is that right?
Doctor: Yep, yep, that'll be fine. If you can stay quite still. And ... there we are. All over before you know it.
Father:  Good bubba. Very good bubba. That's impressive. He's not even crying..
Doctor: Yeah, if you do it quickly it doesn't bother them as much.
Father:  Oh sure.
Doctor:  I'll just get this other one ready. Okay. Can you turn him over and I'll use the other leg.
Father:  Oh okay. Here we go.
Doctor:  Just hold him still again. There you go. Good boy.
Father:  Mmm.
Doctor: Okay. He might feel a bit off-colour tonight, but he should be fine by tomorrow. Okay?
Father: Okay. Oh look thank you very much. Now come on bub. Let's go home and tell mum how brave you are.
5C Enrolling a child at school
Tony: Um good morning.
Staff: Can I help you?
Tony: Yes. I wanted to enroll my daughter kindergarten next year.
Staff: Okay. How old is she?
Tony: Um, just turned five in October.
Staff:  Good. She'll be a good age. Shell be one of the older children.
Tony: Yeah. Oh she's keen all right. She can hardly wait.
Staff: Okay. Do you live in the area?
Tony: Yeah. We live in Martin Street.
Staff:  Oh, well, that's handy. That’s very handy.
Tony:  Yes.
Staff:  Now, I'll give you an enrolment form.
Tony:  Uh huh.
Staff: You'll need to bring something to prove her age. Her birth certificate.
Tony:  Mm yeah.
Staff:  And we'll need to see the blue book to see whether she's had her inoculations.
Tony:  OK. I’ll come back tomorrow with the blue book. Yeah. And her proof of birth.                                    Staff: Now, she was born here, wasn't she?
Tony:  Yeah. She was born in Australia.
Staff:  Uh huh. Now, we'll be having our open day in November. Well send you a note so you can come along.
Tony: Okay.
Staff:  And usually we have the children in for an hour or so, so they can see what the class is like.
Tony:  Great. Okay. I think that's all I need to know. Thank you very much.
Staff: You're welcome. Bye bye.
Tony: Bye bye.
Lesley: Hi, um I’m interested in a course to become a food technician.
Officer: Right. I think that'd be Food Laboratory Techniques.
Lesley: That sounds like the one.
Officer: Ah, yes. Certificate Four. To help you work as a food lab technician. Now entry requirements are year twelve or Laboratory Skills Certificate Three or relevant experience.
Lesley: I've got year twelve chemistry and a little experience.
Officer: Oh you should be fine. The best people to speak to would probably be the teaching staff at the college. Whereabouts do you live?
Lesley:  In Burwood.
Officer: Okay. There's Box Hill and Surrey Hills.
Lesley: Mm. Well they're both pretty convenient
Officer: Right. It's one year full time or two years part time.
Lesley: Uh huh.
Officer: Now we haven't got the timetable. It'll depend on the college. So, if you contact them.
Lesley: Okay.
Officer: Okay. I'll just print that information.
Lesley: Thank you.
Officer: And here's a list of college phone numbers. So before you lodge an application you should speak to the teacher.
Lesley: Yep.
Officer: Now give them a call and ask for the Food and Pharmaceutical Program.
Lesley: Yeah. Okay. Thanks for your help.
Officer: Thank you.
Lesley: Goodbye.
Officer:  Bye.
6B Calling about a job - Part 1
Natalie: Good morning, Jimmy's. Natalie speaking
Oliver: Hello. I'm calling about your ad for delivery drivers.
Natalie: Oh right. Can I just grab your name and a contact phone number and get someone to give you a call.
Oliver: Uh huh. Oliver Cheung.
Natalie: Oliver, was it?
Oliver: That's right.
Natalie: And can you spell your surname for me?
Oliver: Mm huh. C. H. E. U. N. G.
Natalie: Right. And contact number?
Oliver: Mm. It's nine three oh six eight oh five one. Extension one one three.
Natalie: Nine three oh six, eight oh five one. Extension one one three.
Oliver: Could you tell me a bit about the job?
Natalie: Yeah. It's, um - we're well it's a cafe, Jimmy's Cafe, and we have delivery, um times between six and ten thirty at night. And people ring up and order food. So, oh so there's some answering phones.
Oliver: Yep.
Natalie:  And putting it through the computers, to go through to the kitchen. And then it comes up and you take it out.
Oliver: Right.
Natalie: And that's about it. It's around the eastern suburbs area.
Oliver: Okay.
Natalie: Yes. So, that's about all I know about it.
Oliver:  Oh that sounds good. It says three or four evenings a week. I was just wondering if those were set evenings, 'cause I'm available every eve ' g except Mondays.
Natalie: Oh right. Okay. Yeah. They definitely work around your schedule, because most of the people who do it, you know it's a second job.
Oliver: Okay. Well that sounds good.
Natalie: So, I'll get Simon to give you a call, this morning.
Oliver: Thanks a lot.
Natalie: Bye.
Oliver: Bye.
6C Calling about a job - Part 2
Oliver: Hello. Oliver speaking.
Simon: Oh hi Oliver. It's Simon from Jimmy's Cafe. How are you?
Oliver: Oh, well, thanks. Thanks for calling.
Simon: That's okay. Now, you called about the delivery driver job?
Oliver: Yep.
Simon: Okay. Now, listen. I'm trialling a couple of people this week, so I can't offer you a job at the moment. Um, so you work full time, yeah?
Oliver: That's right. Yeah. I’m available every evening except for Monday.
Simon: Right. Well, generally what happens, is our drivers will have two to three shifts a week.
Oliver: Uh huh.
Simon: Which is, um, it's between three and four hours a shift.
Oliver: Yep.
Simon: So, what I might do ... Um do you want to call me back early next week?
Oliver: Sure'.
Simon: I'm just going to see how these guys go this week.
Oliver: Yeah.
Simon: And I'll be able to let you know early next week, if you want to give us a call back.
Oliver: Right. So, IU call you Monday morning, about this time? Would that be a good time?
Simon: Monday morning. Yeah. Whenever it suits you.
Oliver: Okay. Thanks for calling back.
Simon: You're welcome, Oliver.
Oliver: Thank you. Bye.
6D Instructions at work
Supervisor: Morning girls. How are we, today?
Martha: Morning.
Joyce: Morning.
Supervisor: Now Joyce. Your floors today are the eighteenth and the nineteenth. Okay? Eighteen and nineteen.
Joyce: Right.
Supervisor: Now, there's a check-out in eighteen oh four and eighteen oh six, and there's a group booking coming in, so make sure you do the eighteenth floor first.
Joyce: So. you want me to start on eighteen? What are the check-outs?
Supervisor: Eighteen oh four and eighteen oh six. And don't forget to bring the keys back. Now Martha, you've got the thirteenth and fourteenth floor.
Martha: Yes, Mrs. Deane.
Supervisor: Do the fourteenth floor first and make sure you get the dirty linen downstairs by ten am.
Martha: Yeah, okay. Mrs. Deane, um can I talk to you about my leave? See I wanted to take a week's leave next month?
Supervisor: Actually, I have to rush off right now. We can have a chat about that after morning tea. Okay?
Martha: Yeah sure.
Supervisor: Okay. See you all at morning tea.
7A Telling a neighbour you'll be having a party
Tom: Oh hi Mrs. Duffy. How are you?
Mrs Duffy: Good Tom. How are you?
Tom: Pretty well, thanks. Ah lovely weather, isn't it?
Mrs Duffy: Just beautiful.
Tom: Yeah, We're hoping it's going to be fine on the weekend, 'cause we're having   a party for a friend who's going overseas.
Mrs Duffy:  Oh that's nice.
Tom: Yeah, and we're hoping to have it out in the garden if the weather's fine. I just thought we should let you know about it, you know, just in case there's a bit of noise. We're having a few dozen people around.
Mrs Duffy: Okay. That's no problem. Actually we 're going out Saturday night anyway.
Tom: Right. Well, when you get home, if it's too noisy, just let us know and we can move inside.
Mrs Duffy: Oh, don't worry about it, but thanks for letting us know.
Tom: Oh good.
Mrs Duffy: Okay. See you later.
Tom: Okay. Thanks for that Mrs. Duffy.
Mrs Duffy: Bye.
7B Inviting someone to a barbecue
Ross: Hello. Ross speaking
Maria: Hi Ross. It's Maria. How are you?
Ross: Good and you?
Maria: Pretty busy at work, but we're having a barbecue on Sunday and we were hoping you and Fong could come.
Ross: Oh that'd be great. Is there any special occasion?
Maria: No, just thought we'd have a few people around while the weather's still warm.
Ross: Yeah, it's been beautiful. So what would you like us to bring?
Maria: Don't worry about bringing anything. We'll have plenty to eat and drink.
Ross: No extra grog or anything?
Maria: Oh. look, you know, if you want to bring a bottle, that’ll be fine.
Ross: So, what time should we come?
Maria: Anytime from midday. Well probably eat around one.
Ross: Okay. Fabulous. We'll see you then.
Maria: Great. Bye.
Ross:  Bye.
7C Asking a favor
Ali: Oh hi Susan. How am you?
Susan: Good Ali. How's things?
Ali: Oh. well Very well thanks. Look um, ah we're actually going away next week and I was wondering if you could, um, feed the cat while we're away.
Susan: Sure. Glad to return the favour. Where are you going?
Ali: Oh, we we're just going up north to to visit my wife's family for a week.
Susan: Oh, where's that exactly?
Ali: Oh, it's up near Coffs Harbour.
Susan: Oh, that’ll be nice.
Ali: Yeah. Should be good.
Susan: Alright. So what does your cat eat?
Ali: Oh well, she just eats tinned stuff and a bit of dry food.
Susan: Uh huh and how much will I give her?
Ali: Oh about half, just give her half a can of tinned stuff every evening and leave some dry food in her bowl   and she can eat it when she likes.
Susan: So just once a day?
Ali: Yeah. just one meal a day in the evenings.
Susan: Alright. And have you got a water bowl for her too?
Ali: Yeah. There there's a water bowl.
Susan: Okay. Where do you keep the bowls?
Ali: Oh, just around near the back door. Ah so what I thought I'd do is give you the key to the side gate and  leave the box with all the food and can opener and the bowls next to the back door.
Susan: Right.
Ali: Okay? Great. Oh look, I’ll give you that key to the gate now shall I?
Susan: Yeah. Yep that's fine.
7D Sharing a recipe
Mike: You know, I really wish I could cook fish. I'm thinking of doing a seafood cooking course.
Cindy: Yeah, I love fish.
Mike: How do you cook it?
Cindy: We nearly always have it steamed ... the Chinese way.
Mike: Ooh how's that?
Cindy: Steamed then you add ginger, spring onions, soy sauce and hot oil.
Mike: Oil?
Cindy: Yeah.
Mike: So how do you do it?
Cindy: Well, you peel and julienne some fresh ginger as finely as possible... and slice the spring onions as finely as possible too. Just use the white bits.
Mike: What do you mean, julienne?
Cindy: You know, just slice it really finely then slice the slices so that you have little straws of ginger. Like really small French fries.
Mike: Oh okay.
Cindy: You steam the fish. We've got a fish steamer but I use a bamboo steamer and a wok for bigger fish.
Mike: Yeah, I've got one of those. How long does it take?
Cindy: I don't know, I never really time it. Probably five minutes or so. It depends on the size of the fish.
Mike: Uh huh.
Cindy: When it's done, put it on a serving plate, sprinkle the ginger and spring onions on it and pour a few tablespoons of soy sauce on.
Mike: Right.
Cindy: Then you quickly heat the oil, till it's quite hot and pour that over the top.
Mike: Uh huh. So that's it, is it?
Cindy: Yep. Just be careful with the oil, it might spit a bit.
Mike: Well that sounds really great. And what do you serve it with?
Cindy: Oh just steamed rice and some stir-fried veggies or steamed Chinese spinach.
Mike: Do you think you could write that down for me?
Cindy:  Sure.
 8A Booking a few days away at the beach
Don: Don Harper's Cabins.
Cate: Oh hello, um I wanted to make a booking for the second of November. Have you got any vacancies then?
Don: I'll just have a look ... Second of November?
Cate: Yeah the second of November. I got this information from a book and it says you can bring dogs down. Is that right?
Don: Uh huh, that's right. That's a Tuesday night, is that right?
Cate: Tuesday night, yep.
Don: Just for the one night?
Cate: No, um Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday probably.
Don: Can't help you on the Friday.
Cate:  Ah, just the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Three days will be fine.
Don:  Well okay. Now, our place is really really basic.
Cate: I know. That's fine. Is it still thirty-five a double?
Don: Yep. The cabins are old and pretty basic. You need to bring your own bedding. We just provide the   mattresses.
Cate: Right.
Don: Um, they're self-contained with a gas stove and a bar fridge.
Cate: Right.
Don: Um your dog is welcome inside the cabin, not on the bed. We don't like the dop on the mattresses.
Cate: Okay.
Don: Um, that's about it really. Now I need your name.
Cate: Yes, okay it's Cate Williams.
Don: Uh huh. And your address?
Cate: 5 Hamilton Place, Bellgrove. That's one word.
Don: Uh huh. And I need your phone number.
Cate: Sorry?
Don: Phone number.
Cate: Oh, nine eight oh eight.
Don: Mm huh.
Cate: Double seven one six.
Don: Mm. For two people?
Cate: Yep.
Don:  Also I need a thirty-five dollar deposit.
Cate: Right, now how do I do that?
Don: Could you send a cheque to Don Harper's Cabins?
Cate: Yes.
Don: Number 1, Ottawa Street.
Cate: Yes, right.
Don: Cunjurong Point and that's C-U-N, J-U-R, O-N-G.
Cate: Yes.
Don: Five five three nine.
Cate: Five five three nine. All right. I can send that to you.
Don: Great.
Cate: What about plates, glasses, that sort of thing?
Don: They're in the cabin with a few basic saucepans and a little barbecue at the back of the cabin.
Cate: Excellent.
Don: Well that's about it really. We're on four acres and it's absolutely magnificent.
Cate: Thank you very much. I'll send you the cheque.
Don: Thank you. Bye.
Cate: Bye.
8B Inquiry about an air ticket
Francesca: Good afternoon, Small World Travel, Francesca speaking.
Mark: Hello, I want to inquire about the cost of flying return to Darwin.
Francesca: huh. When are you thinking of going?                  
Mark: Sometime in the school holidays, next month.
Francesca: Right, well, flights have advance purchases on them, so the fare varies.
Mark: Right, so what are the fares?
Francesca: Okay, the first one, the cheapest fare, is twenty-one days advance purchase and then we have fourteen days and then seven.
Mark: Mm. What's the twenty-one days advance?
Francesca: Well the school holidays are peak season and that’s eight hundred and sixty dollars return. Then there's eight hundred and ten seventy after the school holidays.
Mark: Ah, okay, well, I’m going to have to think about that.
Francesca: That's fine.
Mark: Thank you very much,
Francesca: No problem.
Mark: Bye.
Francesca: Bye.
8C Chatting about a weekend away
Ming: So, Arlene, how was your weekend away?
Arlene: Oh, it was fabulous, Ming.
Ming:  Really?
Arlene:  Oh the weather was beautiful.
Ming: Yeah, it was beautiful here all weekend, too.
Arlene:  Mm.
Ming: So, what did you do up there?
Arlene:  Oh, we did a lot of walking.
Ming: Bushwalking?
Arlene:  No. Just along the beach, lots of walking and wading in the water on Saturday, but on Sunday it was so hot we all went swimming.
Ming: Right. What's the water like this time of year?
Arlene: Oh it was pretty cold at first but then it was wonderful.
Ming: Yeah. So, what about your overseas visitors? Did they enjoy it too?
Arlene:  They loved it. They live a long way from the sea.
Ming: Where're they from?
Arlene:  Poland. The south of Poland. Their daughter enjoyed it so much, oh she loved the waves.
Ming: Sounds like you had a great time.
Arlene: Yeah, but gee I'm sore today.
Ming: What, you got sunburnt?
Arlene: No no. It's all that exercise, sore muscles.
Ming: Oh, I see.
Arlene: I’ll show you the photos when I get them back.
8D Funny travel stories
Joan: Yeah, I was in a village in France. And I went into, uh, a delicatessen and uh I started pointing at things that I wanted. And after quite a bit of this, my husband and I were both there pointing, and um, the person behind the counter said, right at the end: Oh you know, I'm from Australia, too.
Billy: Yeah yeah yeah . I had the same thing happen to me in Athens with a taxi driver. I’d been speaking English very slowly and loudly to him like a typical tourist, because I only knew a few words of Greek and he said: Oh you don't have to talk like that, I'm from Melbourne..
Billy: And I had a similar one with a waiter in France, too, in Paris. Um, this waiter was really not very busy in the restaurant and he was feeling chatty and friendly. He must have been, cause my French was pretty bad. And he was asking me all these questions about where I come from, what I do, and how I learned my bit of French. And I started to respond by asking him questions, and he was actually from Cambodia, it turned out.
Jim: Cambodia
Billy: Yeah we got to a point after about fifteen or twenty minutes, where he told me he'd been studying in London. And I said, Oh yeah, and what did you study in London? And he'd studied Economics at London University.
Billy: At which point I realized his English was a million times better than my French.
Joan: Oh no.
Billy: Yeah yeah yeah. He was quite happy just to listen to my terrible French before revealing this.
Patti: What a gorgeous thing!
Billy: Yeah, yeah
9A Weather Report - Sydney
Announcer: 2BC weather, thanks to Chambers Taxation Services. Save money by getting the professionals at Chambers to help you. A mild to warm day, cloudy, with rain at times, but clearing during the day, moderate to fresh, gusty southerly winds. Heading for a top today of twenty along the coast and twenty one in the west. Tomorrow, some showers, clearing in the afternoon. Fine weather Thursday. On Friday, showers, storms and a southerly change. Currently, humidity seventy-two per cent and wind southerly at forty-two. fifteen degrees and four below average at the moment on the coast. Also fifteen in the west. I’m Louise Summers; now the news talk continues on 2BC with Mike Bradley.
Mike: Yeah, bit nippy this morning. Good morning and welcome to the program.
9B Sports round-up
Newsreader: Updating sport. In soccer, Australia is savoring its impressive victory over Brazil in Melbourne. Overnight, Australia won this exciting game two nil. Australia has now won all four of their international games played this year.
Australia has beaten England convincingly in the first cricket test between the two nations in Manchester. They won the one sided game by ten wickets.
In golf Australia's Karrie Webb has finished second at the women's golf event in California, while Graham Marsh won the Japanese Senior Open.
American Lyndsay Davenport has beaten world number one, Martina Hingis six three, six four to take out the women's tennis event in New York.
And in motor racing Ferrari drivers Michael Schumacher and Eddy Irvine were disqualified from the Malaysian Grand Prix on the weekend. The sport's governing body has ruled their cars did not conform to technical specifications.
9C News
Newsreader:  A man-hunt underway for escaped murderer, more heavy rain warnings in Queensland and another train collision in Britain. Detectives are interviewing staff at the Myall Detention Centre in the city's west following the escape of a convicted murderer. A police man-hunt is underway for the twenty-year-old who is described as being 175 centimetres tall, medium build, with blond hair and a beard. He'd been serving an eleven-year sentence. A police spokesman said the man is considered dangerous and shouldn't be approached. Police have searched the grounds and the surrounding hospital and the university. At this stage they're no closer to finding the escapee.
Residents of the western Queensland town of Charleville are preparing for more heavy rain today after warnings from the weather bureau. Yesterday, over forty families were evacuated when floodwaters of over one metre engulfed the town.
Authorities fear that up to a further two hundred families may have to be evacuated today, if rain continues. Meanwhile emergency workers and townspeople are working desperately to contain the floodwaters.
There's been another train collision in Britain, but no one has been hurt. The trains collided and derailed in southern England, apparently after a driver failed to stop at a red signal. At least thirty people died a fortnight ago when two trains collided in London, after one went through a red signal.
9D Interview with an environmentalist
Sally: It is National Recycling Week and James Riddle is Managing Director of Green Planet. It's sixteen to nine. James Riddle, good morning.
James: Good morning to you.
Sally: James, can you start by giving us some examples of what's happening in recycling in Australia.
James: Okay. In Sydney for example, you've got Coca-Cola. They're now recycling one million plastic soft drink bottles every single day.
Sally: And what do they recycle them into?
James: They turn them back into brand new Coca-Cola bottles, mineral water bottles, that sort of thing.
Sally: Oh okay. Are there things that are not able to be recycled?
James: Well, there are certain things. People should always take the lids off bottles because they can't be recycled. They're a different kind of plastic. There are two types of plastic that you can recycle. One is the plastic milk containers, you can recycle those in most areas. Again, take the lids off.
Sally: Okay.
James:  And then there's soft drink bottles, what we call P.E.T. Um, things like, you know, the Coca-Cola we were talking about. That kind of bottle can be recycled.
Sally: I see. What about glass? All glass is recyclable, isn't it?
James:  The only glass you should put in your recycling bins is just glass bottles or glass jars. And with any jars, whether they're plastic or glass, give them a good rinse before putting them in the recycling bin.
Sally: James, if people want to know more about recycling, find out what they can and can't recycle, who should they contact?
James: Your local council is just a phone call away and their job is to give you advice, make sure that you recycle correctly.
Sally: All right, okay. Thanks for your time.
James: Thank you.
Sally: That's James Riddle, Managing Director of Green Planet. It's National Recycling Week and it's eight and a half minutes to nine.