1. Fragments

A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence; it lacks either a subject, a verb, or both. The type of sentence                            fragment produced by ESL students is often a subordinate clause detached from the main clause.


Even with disguises and intricate systems of personal security.

When people eat and drink to excess.

Since the cost of living is so high in Hawaii.

Having suffered all day from a migraine headache.

The doctor, who is a prominent member of society.


2. Run-Together Sentences

When two sentences are written as one with no punctuation between (nor an appropriate        

conjunction), you have a run together sentence.


My back hurts it is weak.

This is my last course / graduate next month.

To correct:

a)  Use an appropriate conjunction.

 b) Separate the two sentences with a period.

 c) Separate the two sentences with a semicolon.


3. Comma-Splice

 When two sentences are separated by only a comma, the result is a comma splice.

He ate chicken that was not cooked properly, it made him sick.

 / read many books when / was a child, my favourite books were about animals.

To correct:

a) Use an appropriate conjunction.

b) Separate the two sentences with a period.

c) Change the comma to semicolon.