Tag Questions


The boy is late for school, isn’t he?

Bill hasn’t quit smoking, has he?


Simple Past and Present Perfect


John went to the zoo several days ago.         Simple Past

Max has been to the zoo several times.         Present Perfect


Simple Past and Past Progressive


When I called Mike, he was eating.               Past Progressive/Continuous

When did you go to bed last night?               Simple Past


Simple Present and Present Progressive


Bill loves his children.                                    Simple Present

Bill is eating four times a day.                       Present Progressive

                                                              TAG QUESTIONS

 With ‘to be’


You’re a famous movie star, ________________?

The post office is next to the bank, ________________?

They’re in the third grade, ________________?

He’s a Member of Parliament, ________________?

She’s not a basketball player, ________________?

Whales are mammals, ________________?

He’s from Seoul, ________________?


Present simple


You don’t eat meat, ________________?

She lives in an apartment, ________________?

He teaches English, ________________?

She doesn’t like pizza, ________________?

They go to the movies every Saturday, ________________?

John sings in a band, ________________?

The secretary types very well, ________________?

I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow, ________________?

That dog has just three legs, ________________?

Your father drives a Toyota, ________________?

Your mother doesn’t speak French, ________________?


Using tag questions, find out if your partner(’s)…

          Mother speaks French.

          Is Mongolian.

          Likes to cook.

          Cleans his/her room everyday.

          Best friend is 14 years old.

          Has a computer.

          Plays cards.

          Wears a dress sometimes.

          Is usually on time.

          Likes to listen to music.

          Is afraid of cats.

          Speaks a foreign language.

          Washes clothes.

          Sleeps late at the weekends.