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Essay Writing

Are you a great English student who gets straight A’s in everything, except essays? Essays have -had you baffled since you were a child and now after struggling for years you are ready to give up. Well fret no more, here's just what you need an essay on essay writing.


An essay is an ordered piece of writing that must be developed in full paragraphs and written in formal style. To achieve this you must go through a series of steps, planning, researching and processing until the final composition is complete. This essay will discuss each of these steps and how you can fully achieve each one's requirements.


Before you begin to research the essay you first must make sure you fully understand the question or topic your essay addresses. I f you have doubts on this discuss it with some friends from the class and your teacher.


Analyze what you are asked to do, for example define, explain and so forth, and then turn to yourself and work out clearly in your mind the specific areas you must research, so you are then organized and efficient.


Don't go out and read every book that remotely relates to your essay, when researching. Pick your resources exclusively, read only on subjects directly related to your essay topic. From these resources, make your research notes.

Proper note taking can make your writing easier. Your notes should be clear, concise and in point form. The words used should be your own not the books unless you're referencing quotations. To make finding the article again easy, head each set of notes, with the books name, page number and topic. When taking notes, don't forget to put in the ideas that you have formed on the essay. It is, after all, your essay.


After researching, the next step is planning your essay. The best way to do this is to draw up a plan pointing out what you intend to achieve in each section of your essay. When writing your draft you must realize that it isn't necessary to stick to your plan. It is merely a guide for -your writing. A plan is an excellent way to organize yourself and the areas to be considered.


Your draft is a process piece of writing. Your first draft will not be your only draft. When writing your draft you must write an interesting introduction to capture your reader's attention. You may choose to write a humorous or analytical introduction depending on what is appropriate for your audience and it’ s requirements.


The introduction must tell your reader what the topic is and what will be discussed in your essay. If your introduction is not clear and captivating your audience will read past it, thinking if the introduction is this bad imagine the rest of the essay. In comparison, if your introduction is well written, the reader will be intrigued. The reader should also know the line of thought in the essay and be able to note it's development.


Thus the body of your essay must be developed in line with what you have outlined, paragraph by paragraph. The first sentence of each paragraph should contain a topic sentence, stating what will be discussed in each paragraph as related to the topic. Make sure your body is informative and clear. Try not to confuse your reader with your choice of words and keep it interesting by using word and sentence variations.


 Your conclusion and introduction are very closely linked. The conclusion must directly link in someway to your introduction. A conclusion should summarize the overall points developed in your essay. Try to draw them together to make the conclusion as captivating as your introduction. Remember, this is the last impression your reader will have of your essay.


After writing your draft you must go through the many steps of checking and polishing. Reread and rewrite your essay until it is free of any spelling and grammatical errors. On your final draft get a friend to read it. They can often pick up mistakes you couldn't see.


The final writing of your essay is the easiest step in writing an essay. When you have finished your final copy you should have your best piece of writing possible before you. If you haven't, rewrite it, making it your best.


So you now know that your essay's research should be organized and planned. The actual essay should be well structured containing an effective introduction, body and conclusion. You also know that once is not good enough. Your first piece of work is not your best piece of work,, it must be processed until your polished piece is complete.


Well that was it. That's what you'd been waiting for since childhood, an essay on essay writing. From now on you will be a straight A student in English and your essays will be properly researched, planned,drafted and written. Well Good Luck!