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Air Travel Trivia -Student                                                                                                      PART 1

1 Match the airline to its country of origin.

a) LOT                                                              1) Greece

b) Olympic Air                                                 2) Australia

c) Aer Lingus                                                    3) Netherlands

d) Qantas                                                          4) Poland

e) KLM                                                               5) Hungary

f) Malev                                                             6) Spain

g) Iberia                                                             7) Ireland                                Total: 14 points

2 Match the airport (named after a famous person) with its city.

a) Leonardo da Vinci                                        1) Paris, France

b) J. F. Kennedy                                                 2) Caracas, Venezuela

c) Charles de Gaulle                                          3) New Delhi, India

d) John Lennon                                                  4) Rome, Italy

e) Simon Bolivar                                                5) New York, U.S.A.

f) Cristoforo Colombo                                       6) Liverpool, U.K.

g) Indira Gandhi                                                 7) Genoa, Italy                           Total: 14 points

3 Name the famous person (from 2) as described below.

a) (1940-1980) Member of The Beatles. He was shot and killed as he was leaving his apartment in New York by Mark Chapman.

b) (1890-1970) Military general. He was the first president of the fifth Republic of his country. During the Second World War he led the resistance forces.

c) (1451-1506) Explorer. He sailed to the New World in 1492 on the Santa Maria.

d) (1783-1830) Freedom fighter. He was known as ‘the liberator’ for his successes in obtaining independence for Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Upper Peru (which was re-named Bolivia in his honour).

e) (1452-1519) Artist, engineer and scientist. Famous for all aspects of his work but maybe associated most closely with his painting of the Mona Lisa.

f) (1917-1984) Politician. The daughter of Nehru, she was Prime Minister of her country twice (1966-77 and 1980-84). She was assassinated in 1984.

g) (1917-1963) Politician. Born into a family of politicians he became the 35th President of his country in 1961 but was assassinated two years later, in 1963.

                                                                                                                                    Total: 14 points


4 Match the name of the airline with the picture on the tail of its aircraft.

a) Polynesian                                                          1) a kangaroo

b) Air Canada                                                          2) a peacock

c) Qantas                                                                 3) a maple leaf

d) Sri Lankan                                                           4) a giraffe

e) Alaska                                                                  5) a palm tree

f) Air Tanzania                                                         6) a condor

g) Aerolineas Argentina                                       7) an Eskimo                              Total: 14 points

5 Complete the facts using a word, name or date from the box.

Air Force One Air France The Wright Brothers Narita JFK Airport 1932 suitcase Franklin D. Roosevelt Heathrow Airport 1994 Cathay Pacific 1903 Haneda Spirit of St. Louis Le Bourget Ronald Reagan Kitty Hawk 1927 Charles Lindbergh British Airways Londonderry Amelia Earhart

1) a) __________ and b) __________ are the two main airports of Tokyo.

2) Until December 24th 1963, c) __________ was called Idlewild Airport.

3) Concorde used to be run by d) __________ and e) __________.

4) The first f) __________ with wheels ands collapsible carrying handle was patented on March 8th g) __________.

5) h) __________ was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo. She took off from America on May 20th, i) __________ and landed 14 hours later near j) __________, N. Ireland.

6) k) __________ was the first person to make a transatlantic flight. He landed at

l) __________ airfield, near Paris on May 21st m) __________ in his plane n) __________. The

5,760 km flight had taken 33 hours.

7) o) __________ made the first ever recorded flight on 17th December p) __________ at q) _________ , North Carolina, U.S.A.

8) The U.S. President’s flight is known as r) __________ .

9) The first U.S. President to fly in an airplane was s) __________ .

10) Washington National Airport is officially named after t) __________ .

11) u) __________ is the busiest international airport.

12) The airline based in Hong Kong is v) __________ .                                         Total: 44 points

                                                           My/our total score out of 100 is: _____