Air Travel Trivia – Glossary

aircraft (plural aircraft) noun [count]

a plane, helicopter, or other vehicle that flies.

airline noun [count]

a company that owns aircraft and takes people or goods by plane from one place to another

assassinate verb [transitive]

to kill an important person deliberately

assassination noun [count or uncount]

associate verb [transitive]

if one thing is associated with another, they are


The problem is often associated with heavy drinking.

be based in verb

to have somewhere as your main office or place of work, or the place where you live:

Our parent company is based in Osaka.

collapsible adjective

able to be folded into a smaller size:

a collapsible bicycle

condor noun

a large black and white bird that lives in South

America and eats dead animals

giraffe noun [count]

a tall African animal that has a very long neck and very long legs

handle noun [count]

the part of something that you use for holding it: a door handle

land verb [intransitive or transitive]

if an aircraft lands, or if you land it, it comes down to the ground

The plane landed a couple of hours before dawn.

main adjective

most important, or largest:

The main entrance to the building is on George


maple noun [count]

a tree that grows mainly in northern countries and has wide leaves that turn red and yellow in  the autumn

named after phrasal verb

to give someone or something the same name as someone or something else:

Albert was named after his grandfather.

obtain verb [transitive]

to get something that you want or need:

She has to obtain her father's permission before she does anything.

palm tree noun [count]

a tropical tree without branches that has large wide leaves growing from the top of its trunk

patent noun [count]

an official document that gives someone who has invented something the legal right to make or sell that thing for a particular period of time, and prevents anyone else from doing so

patent verb [transitive]

to get a patent for something

peacock noun [count]

a large brightly-coloured male bird with long bluegreen tail feathers that it can spread out and up

record verb [transitive]

to make a record of something that has happened, usually by writing it down:

They were asked to record the time at which the

attack happened.

resistance noun [singular]

a secret organization that fights against the group that controls their country

shoot verb [transitive]

to hit someone or something with a bullet from a gun:

The man was shot in the head as he left the bar.

solo adjective, adverb

done by one person alone

take off [phrasal verb]

if an aircraft takes off, it leaves the ground and

starts to fly

transatlantic adjective

crossing the Atlantic Ocean