5 to 8 Year Old SPEAKING

                                                                  How to Rate an ESL Student’s English Proficiency Level

With reference to work samples and observations, highlight language capabilities at or above known English Proficiency Level. Rate the student at the level which contains the most highlighting.

Name:                                                                      Date:                             New Level: ___

Beginner 1
Language Capabilities
Beginner 2
Elementary 3 Language
Elementary 4 Language Capabilities Intermediate 5
Language Capabilities
Intermediate 6 Language Capabilities Advanced 7 Language Capabilities
·Watches carefully but may not
speak,·Names some objects,·Uses 1-2 word utterances to
convey a larger meaning eg ‘ruler’ = ‘give me the ruler’,·Uses basic vocabulary to
express immediate needs,·Echoes words and phrases of
peers and adults,·Responds non-verbally,·Copies actions of others,·Uses gestures to express
needs, likes and dislikes,·Uses L1 in,communicating with English speakers
routine and formulaic social language such as familiar courtesies, eg ‘No
thanks’, ‘play time’,·Combines words creatively, eg
‘Me no like this.’,·Uses intonation patterns to
assist in conveying meaning,·Uses objects and pictures to
help communication,·Uses simple imperatives to
gain some control over environment, eg ‘Come here!’,·Joins in repetitive language
of chants, stories, songs and poems,·Names objects and events,
gives simple descriptions, e.g., colour, quantity, size,·Uses non-verbals to express
immediate needs and to participate in group work,·Attempts English intonation
patterns to convey meaning,·Repeats questions or
statements of others,·Uses L1 with other L1
speakers in class
·Participates in greetings and
routine classroom exchanges,· initiates face to face
interactions on familiar personal topics,·Gives short responses to
teacher’s guiding questions,·Takes risks in testing
hypotheses as a way of generating their own language beyond formulaic
structures,·Experiments with stress
patterns, pronunciation, intonation,·Uses L1 with peers
and adults to clarify or communicate ideas and concepts
·Sustains conversation with
attentive adult on familiar topic, eg autobiographical information, past and
present events,·Gives a short morning talk
about familiar item,·Answers questions about an
item being studied,·Persists in getting meaning across
- rephrases, attempts to self-correct, experiments with sentence structures and
new vocabulary,·Uses a small range of
connectors, eg and, but, because,·Shows some awareness of tense,·Uses small range of
in/out, on/off, up/down,·Expresses ideas across
curriculum areas, as vocabulary and concepts widen,·Adopts some features
of Australian pronunciation (younger students)
·Expresses ideas, contributes
own opinion in class discussions,·Participates actively in
mainstream class if topics are familiar,·Asks for help, eg
clarification from teachers and peers,·Uses connectives confidently,
e.g., and, but, because, then, so,·Speaks with some fluency,
despite hesitations and self-corrections,·Shows some control of
intonation and stress patterns,·May seek to explore
more complex ideas in L1 with L1 peers
express own complex ideas on new topics with well grounded content,·Can explain things to other
learners,·Uses well-developed content
area vocabulary, with approximations to fill gaps, eg “the thing you put the
water in.”,Attempts
complex verbal meanings, eg “When the sun comes out, I will go inside.” and
uses modals e.g., relationships of time - might, could, to convey subtle
intention,·Contributes L1 cultural
understandings to enrich class,experience
of topic
fluently and accurately in all social and learning contexts appropriate to this
age level and phase of schooling,·Explains with facility when
the correct English term is unknown,·Encourage use of knowledge of
the world in both L1 and English

What now?

  • Use the English Proficiency Levels which correspond to the student’s NEW level as a means of individualising your programme

  • Observe progress and re-level student in a few months time